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Hello! Greetings from Let The UK Live new site!


Let The UK Live / LetLondonLive Party is standing candidates in the Council elections on Thurs 5 May in 3 wards in London:

Piers Corbyn

Faraday ward


Karin Radicke

Regents Park ward


Hazel Gillender

Hayes Town ward


For latest news on the campaign go to stopnewnormal.net

To give support, ask questions or donate contact Piers Corbyn 07958713320, corbynpiers@gmail.com

Thank you!

Let The Uk Live! – The federal party to UNITE us to Stop New World Tyranny

Let The Uk Live Federation is a campaign organisation and political Party which works with other groups to BREAK the New World Order (Tyranny) impositions. Led by Piers Corbyn it was set up in early 2021 as LetLondonLive to fight the London Mayor elections where despite media black-out Piers got 55,000 1st & 2nd preference votes.


Those require the end of rule by “Mainstream” political parties New-World-Order narrative, media of corruption, conflicts of interests, lack of accountability, censorship and the defeat of all the fake-servile oppositionist, opportunist side-kicks who go along with the New-World-Order narrative – which are a distraction and diversion from the future needed for the UK and its parts.


All Masking, all Distancing, all JAB and test passporting and all restrictions of rights in work and travel in the name of the Plandemic are not acceptable.

... and internationally.

... Rights of free speech, assembly, citizenship, travel etc – all of which currently flow from attempts to impose the New-Normal / New-World-Tyranny (“Order”) for which the mainstream parties and media are tools.

... and total insistence of the FACT that CO2 is NOT a pollutant (in fact more is better) & ALL CO2 fake science laws & restrictions must be reversed. (For info download “Man-Made Climate Change Does not Exist” via www.WeatherAction.com)

Health and Education & other services and activities including road & rail transport, farming, energy provision (& independence); transformation
of Elections processes to end conflicts of interest & make all elected representatives recallable.

... on transport and roads and in the courts to achieve these ends.

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